Pitt and Napean Street Frequently asked questions

What work is being done for the project?
The project includes the total rebuild of both streets including replacement of all buried water mains, sanitary and storm sewers, replacement of road gravel and asphalt, as well as concrete sidewalks, curb and gutter.  Also included in the scope of work is replacement of all lot services, connection to existing municipal infrastructure, landscaping, removal of existing manholes, catch basins, and hydrants, addition of many new trees.

When will the project start and end?
The construction work will begin in September 2017 and is expected to be completed in the fall of 2018.  Like any project changes to the schedule may occur and the Town will keep residents informed of any such changes.

Can I use my street and driveway during construction?
Yes, there will be minor delays from time to time during construction for underground service installations and concrete curing, but driveway access will be maintained to the extent possible.  However, when the construction is directly in front of your home, or curb and sidewalk placement and curing is taking place, you will be required to park elsewhere.  Consultant and/or contractor representatives will work to inform residentswhen any driveway access is limited.

Will the old water and sewer services into my house be replaced?  Who pays for it?
The water, storm and sanitary sewer services will be replaced from the new mains in the street to your front property line at no cost to you.  However, any work if needed on the home owner’s property would be the home owner’s responsibility.  

Example #1:  should it be recognized that the water service line or sewer pipe on the home owner’s property is in poor condition and should be repaired; this extra cost would be paid by the home owner.  

Example #2:  it is recommended to residents to separate storm water and sewer collection from there house and a new storm water service lateral will be provided even if there is not one at the property now.  This could involve the addition of some piping on the home owner’s property and the extra cost would be at the home owner’s expense.

What are the benefits of separating stormwater from wastewater?
Separating stormwater and wastewater is favourable because:

it reduces the likelihood of combined sewer overflow;
reduces risk of flooding by maintaining sewer main capacity for wastewater;
allows stormwater to be used as a resource and returned to the environment;
reduces sewer treatment plant and pumping costs as flows to the plant are reduced;
Who can I call if I have a question?
Please feel free to contact the Town’s project manager Jason MacMillan at 902-631-0871 should you have any project related questions.

Can I use my water and sewer services normally during construction?
Yes, the work will be done in such a way as to minimize the service interruption to residents.  A relatively short interruption will occur when the final service connections from your home to the new mains are completed.

What time will the work start in the morning and finish in the evening?
Generally the work will take place during normal business hours, typically 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.  The contractor may from time to time need to work extended hours and weekends depending on the nature of the work, notice will be given to residents as such.

Does the town conduct any pre condition surveys before starting construction?
Yes, the Town has and will be collecting video and pictures of the Town’s streets and right-of-way throughout construction.  These are kept for our records and will assit during reinstatement.

What do I do about vibration during construction?
Use of heavy equipment during construction can cause vibration, please ensure that you have protected any valuables susceptible to damage.

My property was damaged due to construction, who do I contact to receive compensation?
For damage to your property, home or vehicle due to construction activity please contact the Town at 902-625-7893, or Jason MacMillan at 902-631-0871.

Will my garbage and recycling be picked up during construction?
The Town and contractor will make every effort to maintain curb side garbage and recycling collection during construction.  The contractor will assist in collecting and transporting garbage and recycling if your pick-up point is blocked by construction.  We recommend that you clearly label your containers with your name and civic number.

The Town is doing construction near/on my yard and I have a sprinkler system.  What do I do to make sure it isn’t damaged?
Any sprinkler heads or piping on Town property must be marked by the home owner prior to the start of construction.  The contractor will not be responsible for any sprinkler systems that have not been identified and clearly marked.

There is a lot of noise due to construction by my home.  What can I do to stop the noise?
Unfortunately construction activities generate noise.  Working hours will be kept from 7am to 6pm while most people are at work.  Weekend work may be necessary and the same hours will be followed.

Where can I find information about road closures, detours and service interruptions?
The Town will post notices of road closures, detours and service interruptions on the Towns website, Facebook page and twitter.  Scheduled and unscheduled service interruptions will also be advertised on the local radio stations.

Who do I contact to get the pot holes around a construction zone fixed?
The Town will instruct the contractor to monitor the construction zone and address any pot holes or other hazards.  If you notice any hazards on the road in the construction zone please bring this to the attention of the project manager by calling 902-631-0871.

Why was my water shut off unexpectedly or with short notice during construction?
Typically, it is the contractor’s responsibility to provide notification to residents and businesses at least 24 hours in advance, but unexpected shut-downs may occur when water services and main lines are damaged and repairs cannot be made without shutting down the water main.  As well, unforeseen circumstances may cause delays and require short-notice rescheduling of planned shut-downs.  The Town’s on-site inspector may be able to provide more information at the time.

Will the contractor restore my landscaping they disturbed during construction?
Landscaping restoration usually takes place at the end of a project.  Any areas that have been disturbed by construction activities will be reinstated by the contractor.  Any hedges or other plantings in the right-of-way that interfere with construction should be removed from the work area by the home owner prior to the start of the construction.

How is this project paid for?
The Pitt Street / Napean Street Reconstruction Project was selected for support from the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund and will receive funding from both the federal (50%) and provincial (25%) governments.  The Town is responsible to provide the remaining 25% share of the overall project costs.  The overall budget for the project is $4.6 million.

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